Lady Gaga’s vomit incident grows, social media movement starting?

Click to watch below to check out Lady Gaga getting VOMITTED on during the South By Southwest concert on Thursday, March 13, 2014 in Austin Texas.

It seems like a car being driven through the audience wasn’t enough for Lady Gaga. Apparently, the powerful icon invited a “vomit painter” named Millie Brown on stage for the Austin, TX festival who drinks neon color liquid while at the same time, shoving her hands down her throat in order to vomit the colors back up. Gaga continues to perform her song “Swine” off of her new album “Artpop” as if nothing is happening. The emotional song off of the record brings Gaga back to the tragic memory of her rape in the past, and that could be a reason of why the professional paint vomitter was included in the performance.

One celeb took to twitter to speak about the situation. Demi Lovato, who has publicly spoken about her eating disorder in the past. Check out the tweets below and see what Demi had to say. This brought so much more attention to this situation.


However, the vomit artist claims she lives a healthy vegan lifestyle. She also explains how she takes a month long break between shows.

Two days later these pictures have been found online, via Twitter? What do you think? Did Gaga take it too far? Let me know in the comments!



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