Chris Brown jailed due to his “inability to stay out of trouble”

Chris Brown’s recent rehab stay was cut short due to his behavior, and now the pop star is currently sitting in jail. It seems that the Malibu rehabilitation facility gave Chris the boot after four “house rules” were broken.

AP Photo

Chris Brown wears an orange jumpsuit yesterday in court next to his attorney Mark Geragos, awaiting his judgement with his sobbing mother in the background, after his arrest on March 17th. (AP Photo by Lucy Nicholson)

Brown (right) was ordered yesterday, March 17th, by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Brandlin to remain in court until he can have a formal probation hearing on April 23.

“I have a concern about his inability to stay out of trouble,” said Brandlin, after hearing that the singer said in a house meeting in the rehab center that he ‘was good at using guns and knives’.

Other infractions include touching a females elbow, when a ‘two feet from all women’ rule was specifically put forth for Chris that he signed before entering. Also, Brown refused drug test and ignored workers of the facility.

Chris isn’t seeming to bothered by this at all. While at court the R&B artist was asked if he was serious, his response was a verbal yes while physically shaking his head no.

However, his defense attorney Mark Geragos (above) is working hard on getting released to that Chris is available to attend his April 7th court date in Washington D.C. thats linked to a prior misdemeanor assault charge.

It looks like the world won’t be hearing any new Chris Brown other than the ‘expected surprise’ Ariana Grande/Chris Brown collaboration that Ariana Grande has been posting about all over Twitter and Instagram. However, when it comes to Chris’ own work, his album has been delayed multiple times, and unless he wants to record over the phone, there won’t be any recording anytime soon.

We will just have to wait it out like Chris until his next court date on April 23rd unless his attorney can get him out any early for his April 7th court date in D.C.


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