Late Paul Walker’s daughter guardianship battle continues, agreements in the works

Days after the deceased Paul Walker‘s mother, Cheryl Walker, came to an agreement with mother of her late son’s daughter, Rebecca Soteros, more details are becoming public regarding the guardianship battle.

ImageReports are now saying Cheryl Walker and Soteros have agreed to end their custody battle over Paul’s daughter Meadow Walker under one circumstance the mother has to complete alcohol rehabilitation, as well as agreeing to be drug tested after the program is completed. Once that is over, Cheryl will no longer continue to obtain guardianship.

Soteros is known to have a drinking problem, previously receiving two DUI’s in the past, and is the reason why Meadow went to move with her father back in 2011 in Hawaii.

On Friday, a detox program began for her, and she will be entering a full-time rehab facility in about a week.

During the time, Meadow will be staying with the Walker family until (and if) her mother completes rehab.

Let’s hope everything plays out smoothly on this one.


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