What to Possibly Expect on Beyoncé and Jay Z’s ‘On The Run’ Tour

Noone quite has a perfect vision on what musical icons Beyoncé and Jay Z are planning on performing for their joint ‘On The Run’ tour, however we are going to take a look back to Jayoncé’s past to see what could possibly be planned on being performed.

The official poster for the On The Run tour scheduled to start on June 25th in Miami.

The official poster for the On The Run tour scheduled to start on June 25th in Miami.

The stadium tour consist of 16 dates beginning on June 25 in Miami, Fl and ending in San Francisco on August 5, as of now. I say as of now because of the fact that there is strangely no Brooklyn/New York date, and with Beyoncé and Jay Z you can always expect a NY date for their tours.

We all know Bey and Jay are not only Crazy in Love, but also Dangerously and Love, and now the popular Drunk In Love but what are they exactly going to be performing?!

The list of Mr. and Mrs. Carter collaborations date all the way back to 2002 with “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” on Jay Z’s “The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse” and it is very possible for them to perform their very first collaboration ever on stage in front of thousands being that it is part one to the 2013 hit “On The Run“.

From the 2003 video Crazy In Love

From the 2003 video Crazy In Love

Next is a song that Beyoncé can ever NOT sing at one of her concerts ever, this song IS Beyoncé, the 2003 iconic hit Crazy In Love (left) from Beyoncé’s Dangerously In Love. This song is what set up Beyoncé’s solo career and the chemistry between Jay Z and Beyoncé in this song is something I’m sure everyone will be happy to watch. Not to mention, they have sang this together on multiple occasions at each other’s shows.

Also from Dangerously In Love, “That’s How You Like It” features a slower and more chill tempo than the superstars are known for, however if performed live, consider this old school hit to their relationship be an emotional one.

From the video Upgrade U

From the video Upgrade U


2006 brought us two hits, Déjà Vu and Upgrade U (right), from Beyonce’s B’Day album, which I am hoping and praying that they will perform both of these. Reason why: they both offer spectacular vocals by Beyoncé and Jay Z is only going to make the duets better. You have to remember, these are very memorable videos, as well as being two of Beyoncé’s best videos.

Another collab in 2006 comes from Jay Z’s Kingdom Come album, the song would most likely only have its chorus performed if it were to be selected for the setlist. I think they may pass on this one.

I’m gonna guess No for “Lift Off“, the 2011 record off of the joint from Jay Z and best friend Kanye West, just because it is not a Bey and Jay song. For this one, Beyoncé only has a presence during the chorus, so unless Kanye surprises everyone possibly on July 24th at Soldier Field here in Chicago (let’s hope so!) this song will not be performed.

The follow-up song to “’03 Bonnie and Clyde” came to us last year off of Jay’s Magna Carter Holy Grail, and also the name of the tour, “Part II (On The Run)” will obviously be performed. It seems to be very popular and I’m confident we won’t be disappointed on that one.

The video shoot of "Drunk In Love" was shot at night on a beach.

The video shoot of “Drunk In Love” was shot at night on a beach.

Last but not least in the list of collaborations let’s take a look at an obvious pick for the setlist, off of BEYONCÉ, the surprise album last year, “Drunk In Love“. I cannot wait to hear the crowd during this song, and to sing along every single word to this. They performed it together during the most recent european leg on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, and it got the response expected.

The duo have not publicly spoken about the tour, however we are sure to get some solo songs as well by Beyoncé. I’m sure we will see new songs of her album, Pretty Hurts was newly named a single off of the album and has yet to be performed live.

As for Jay Z, I’m sure we will get some songs from Magna Carter Holy Grail but as far as solo songs go, we will get the classics, but it’s no secret that Mr. and Mrs. Carter will have some secrets up their sleeve and the duo will surely not disappoint. These two have been making music for a while now and this tour should not only be fun for them to be in public together in front of thousands, but also something that can not be missed by any music lovers. You can not hate on what Bey and Jay have built for themselves and they deserve all the love they will be receiving on stage starting late June in Miami.

Keep updated with the On The Run tour here on, as updates will be made accordingly.


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