What Happened to Rihanna’s Instagram? UPDATED!



Rihanna fans all over the world are waking up Monday finding out that Rihanna’s Instagram account has been deactivated.

No word whether Rihanna choose to cancel her account herself, or if this is punishment from Instagram for the racy pictures she posted on the social media app on Tuesday, April 29.

Image This is what Rih’s account looks like as of now (left), losing all of the 12 million followers she had, and when Instagram officials sent Rihanna a warning telling her to stop sharing semi-nude photos or rise having your account permanently removed, she posted this photo joking about how Instagram perceives her photos (right): Image Hahaha! I find it clever, not sure if this irked Instagram and caused them to delete the account.

Twitter has been outraged by the missing account,

One fan shared their frustrations stating, “Should I like boycott instagram until Rihanna account comes back!?!? @rihanna what do you think.”

However, Instagram’s policy is extremely clear, stating, “If you wouldn’t show the photo or video you are thinking about uploading to a child, or your boss, or your parents, you probably shouldn’t share it on Instagram.”

Not sure what is going to happen but I’m guessing we will see the pop star’s racy pictures once again on our Instagram apps in the near future.


10:00 am on Monday, May 5, as of now, the account is back up to Instagram, with all of her followers and photos up now. No word on what happened however, I predicted it pretty well, just didn’t know the ‘near future’ would be 20 minutes later…

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