NEW MUSIC! Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj Flawlessy Remix “Flawless”

track-flawlessNew Music! Last night while Beyoncé was on stage in Los Angeles for the On The Run Tour, she released a Flawless remix with Nicki Minaj on her website and it is absolutely everything!

Beyoncé takes a turn rapping confidently, and even chiming in herself on the Solange elevator incident. She says, “Of course some s#$% go down when theres a billion dollars in a elevator” followed by a laugh by Queen Bey herself, along with a cash register ka-ching!

The instrumental Flawless remix beat can be remembered from the Mrs. Carter Show when Queen B performed Flawless.

Nicki Minaj, or Onika as Beyoncé calls her in the song, is definitely feeling the intensity of having a song with Beyoncé as well, however, will controversy rise from this song due to Nicki Minaj calling Beyoncé ‘Queen B’ as the “Queen Bee” in the rap industry is known to be “Lil Kim”?

There is currently no ‘Buy’ link, however you can find the song at released on Beyoncé’s website: or listen to it below!




The song hit one million hits in only six hours on Soundcloud, and with all of the success from this song, can we expect to see a music video possibly? We will just have to wait until another midnight hour for a surprise release I guess since this isn’t the first time Beyoncé has secretly released music at midnight. If you remember back in Decemeber of 2013 (How can you forget?), Beyoncé secretly dropped a 17 song visual album straight to iTunes, with no prior announcement at all.

How do you like the song?


Not to mention, this completely blew up Twitter. Here are some fan reactions to the newly released song!


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