2014 MTV VMA’s Less Controversial, More Emotional This Year: Review

The MTV Video Music Awards is always an interesting night, when artist of all genres of popular music get together for a jessie-j-ariana-grande-nicki-minaj-vma-2014-mtv-video-music-awards night of musical appreciation, however, you never really know what is going to nicki-minaj-vma-2014-mtv-video-music-awardshappen. But with this year’s list of performers and presenters, expectations were set pretty high.
Immediately off the bat was a 1-2-3 punch with back to back to back performances by Ariana Grande (who sang, and when I tell you she sang, she absolutely murdered it) Nicki Minaj performing her hit Anaconda (right), and ended with Jessie J. Good intro, even with Nicki struggling to hold onto the front area of her outfit (left). Maybe she did not have enough time in between her Anaconda and Bang Bang performances to properly change her outfit? Anyways, the performance turned out to be great.
Nicki’s outfit was not the shows only malfunction, during a speech you can clearly hear in the background a man saying ‘Taylor 1… Taylor 1‘ for about 15 seconds. However, MTV did a very high quality job producing this years awards ceremony.
Nominees were presented in the form of a mashup, a beat would introduce and slowly all the songs somehow blended together as there name was said.
Despite the numerous empty seats visible for television’s live audience, the performances were hot including an extremely soulful and emotional performance by Sam Smith. That man seriously has vocals.
Taylor Swift attempted to also perform her newest song, but there was not a bigger disappointment than Usher’s anticipated performance which started with Usher Bv2Yq2_CYAAQbNXheavily rapping..?
Throughout the show SNL actor and comedian Jay Pharoah came out to perform corny impersonations and tell annoying jokes, which by the way only got more aggravating as the show went on.
Viewers also got a chance to witness the newest celebrity couple (right). Rumors have been circulating stating Ariana Grande and Big Sean are dating, and viewers of MTV’s backstage camera streaming online during the show say that as Ariana Grande got off stage to accept one of her awards, Big Sean greeted her backstage followed with a kiss when live TV turned to the two holding hands and walking back to her dressing room.
Iggy Azelea performed exceptionally well performing her song Black Widow featuring Rita Ora and stunned the crowd with EXTREMELY fitted shiny black spider web dresses.
No, there is no controversy like what we saw at last years VMA’s, however, during Miley Cyrus’ acceptance speech for Best Video she allowed a former homeless teen to accept the award. In his speech, he grew awareness for youth homelessness, a cause Cyrus’ has been working on in her time off.
beyonce-vma-2014-mtv-video-music-awards-1However, the show stopping event was Beyoncé who performed pretty much her entire beyonce-jay-z-vma-2014-mtv-video-music-awards-2visual album on the VMA stage to accept the VMA Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. She only performed by herself, wearing what appeared as church stained glass windows. She performed effortlessly and wow’ed the crowd for about 15 minutes! Blue Ivy was even in attendance, after being announced at the VMA’s just three years ago! She was shown on Jay Z’s lap in the crowd next to Kelly Rowland dancing along to Flawless. Blue Ivy and Jay Z presented the award to an extremely emotional Beyoncé. “Go Mommy!,” baby Blue said into the mic waving to fans on the stage. Bey then gave a short and sweet acceptance speech ending not only the rumors surrounding her marriage with Jay Z but also ending the two and a half hour action-thrilled packed show. It was truly an emotional moment and such a full moment.
Watch Beyoncé’s performance here:
What did you think of this years’ MTV Video Music Awards?

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  1. Sorry I’m not american so when you say Ariana murdered the song it menas she destroyed it? Like, she spoiled it by….not singing well? I just don’t understand because you can have an opinión of not liking a song but the girl knows how to sing, expecially live…whereas a lot of so called singers fail to hit the right notes…


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