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More Details Released in Tyra Banks’ New Daytime Talk Show

If you have missed Tyra Banks on your TV screen during daytime television since her departure in 2010, buckle up. Banks is returning to syndicated daytime talk TV on The F.A.B. (Fun and Beautiful) announced back this May.

What we also know now is that the fashion icon will be joined by co-host Chrissy Teigen, Leah Ashley, Joe Zee, Lauren Makk, according to Disney-ABC. The show will be a panel style talk show, such as The View or The Real.

“From fashion and beauty to food and design to doing it yourself and even starting a business. The show will not only entertain, but also motivate the audience to make their lives more fun and beautiful,”

-via the show’s newest announcement

Although the show is only airing in major cities covering 23 percent of U.S. tv homes, the premiere is scheduled to air in September of 2015 on ABC stations.

The F.A.B. will be produced by Disney-ABC’s Summerdale Productions and Tyra will also be the executive producer.


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