Taylor Swift is Attempting to Trademark These 5 Phrases

Taylor Swift is becoming quite the business woman isn’t she? Taylor_Swift_-_1989

With the release of Swift’s platinum record ‘1989‘ came multiple business tweaks. First, Swift removed her music from streaming giant Spotify which showed to be a smart move, the album sold like a wildfire.

In addition, two days prior to the album release, Taylor applied to trademark five sayings from the Grammy nominated artist’s album. All of the phrases are lyrics from her most recent album.

The newly surfaced legal documents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office can be found here.

The list includes:

1. “Party Like It’s 1989”

2. “This Sick Beat”

3. “Cause We Never Go Out Of Style”

4, “Can Show You Incredible Things”

5. “Nice to meet you. Where you been?”

All of the sayings, if awarded a copyright, will be protected from use on items such a handbags, pillowcases, musical instruments, stickers, etc.

Smart move Taylor.


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