[CONCERT REVIEW and PICTURES] Ariana Grande Brings The Honeymoon Tour to Chicago, Rosemont’s Allstate Arena


Can I get a Venti with that Grande?B_PyfNhWkAARIzL

Ariana Grande and The Honeymoon Tour took on Chicago at an insanely loud and sold out crowd at Rosemont’s Allstate Arena on March 3rd, 2015.

This was Ariana’s first solo headlining tour (not her first time performing in Chicago though) and with the combination of powerhouse vocals presented, fierce background dancers, and a high quality show production, they all completed an extraordinary night of music. It was safe to say I was on my feet the entire concert dancing despite multiple negative and overcritical reviews I saw before the concert.

The stage included a hype man that was unnecessary, her music was enough to hype the crowd up. It was just a little random for not being at a rap concert. On the other side of the stage was a strings section that showcased their talents along with songs such as, “Tattooed Heart” and “Honeymoon Avenue“. The way Ariana combined pop along with a string section is not that common in the pop scene however, the two went together like milk and cookies. (You like that child reference I did there?)

B_QK-euW0AAjek9Throughout the show, Ariana’s spot on vocals kept her crowd on their feet full of children, their parents, as well as the teens the same age as the 21 year old singer.

Besides plenty of glitter showers falling countless times, Ariana’s creative team did that by having a giant over-the-top chandelier hanging above the stage and also flying over the crowd on a cloud.

Only two noticeable errors occurred during the Chicago stop. During “Bang Bang” Grande rapped Nicki Minaj’s verse prematurely instead of her own verse but laughed it off and made out to be a cute moment actually. The second error on the other hand definitely could have been avoided. During Mac Miller’s verse of “The Way” Miller appeared on the giant jumbotron behind the stage however the audio was noticeably ahead of the video.

Overall, I would highly recommend seeing this underrated sweetheart and whenever she comes back to Chicago, you can be certain I will be there!

Here’s a gallery from the night! Click on any photo to enlarge and begin a slideshow. (Photos via Twitter @Arianaa_News)


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