Iggy, Why? New Rap Battle Video Has Surfaced, And I Still Can’t Understand What She’s Saying…

Another video of Iggy Azalea attempting to rap too fast for her ability.

I’ve never seen any issue with Iggy, but now day by day, I don’t have the time anymore. It’s been so difficult defending her. Her career is clearly on a downhill slope.

First, she removed herself from Twitter due to all of the hate she sees.

Then, she removed herself from social media completely by removing herself from her Instagram account.

Then this video circulated all over the internet, here’s the video with subtitles. (How they came up with subtitles, they must’ve had lots and lots of time on their hands)

And now this is the newest video of Iggy embarrassing her in a rap battle that has already spread like wildfire on social media:

Come on Iggy, You know good and well you aren’t making any sense and just throwing words out there. We’re not just stupid. You clearly don’t care about your career and you’ve gotta do better…


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