[A Take From Thomas Jay] The Met Gala 2015: Fashion Review

If you didn’t check out all the hot looks on the red carpet at the Met Gala last night May 4, 2015 you totally missed out! Some of our favorite stars were in attendance for fashions biggest night from Sofia Vergara all the way to Kendall Jenner. All the celebs were looking very festive and ready for the Chinese looking glass theme this year, so lets just get started with our top picks!

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Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Zendaya all complete stole the show with three very different looks. Disney princess Zendaya hit the looking glass theme hard with this Fausto Puglisi gown which gave a young and fun tease in the front and lady in the back with a beautiful train. The dress complemented the young starts youth, but defiantly flowed with the elegance of the event; completing this look with a crown totally gave Zendaya the number three spot for best dressed at the Met.

Bad girl Rihanna nearly broke the internet with memes and tweets about here gala gown. When the Barbados beauty stepped out onto the carpet she totally owned the Met. The singer wore this dramatic yellow gown designed by Chinese designer Guo Pei. If the fur, the color, or the train didn’t make you fall in love with the dress the girl in it sure did.

Rihanna looked stunning and sophisticated and definitely shocked everyone on the carpet with this absolutely amazing look; which is why the pop signer nabs the number two spot for best dressed.

Everyone knows that when going to a star studded event like the Met you have to be fashionably late so that you can make an entrance, and that’s exactly what Beyonce did. Queen Beyoncé who is no stranger to pulling a fast one totally shocked the carpet with her look for the evening wearing Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci.

The much awaited arrival for the star was well worth it. Bey was sparkling from head to toe with this sheer gown, and looked beautiful from that hot high pony all the way down to the train of crystals on her gown. Mrs. Carter looks like she hasn’t aged a day, and glowed on the carpet which is why she gets best dressed for the Met!

One lady who didn’t make the top three, but was definitely close was Sarah Jessica Parker the actress and activist wore a beautiful gown by H&M That’s right H&M! A couple other stars who wore the affordable brand to the gala were Vanessa Hudgens and Janelle Monae.

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Not everything on the carpet was gold though; there were a lot of stars who missed the mark and somewhat flatlined when it came fabulous fashions on the carpet at the gala. Actress Taraji. P Henson totally missed the mark for me when it came to her red carpet look.

The actress has been on fire this year due to her role as Cookie Lyon on the hit tv series Empire, and I have to admit I was expecting some of the flare from her character to rub off on her look for the evening. When it comes to fashions BIGGEST night I was disappointed, and felt like she played it safe in this simple black and white gown.

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Another star who I felt like was playing too safe as well was Selena Gomez. The actress and singer walked the carpet with this gown that was ill-fitting and uninspiring. The Met Gala is made for these stars to do something daring or fun with fashion, and I think she just flopped.

Singer Alecia Keys also flopped on fashions biggest night. The singer looked completely out of place and wore this extremely dated look. A too-too and a crop top doesn’t suffice when it comes to the Met.

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I have to say that Kerry Washington was one of the worst looks of the night for me. The Scandal actress was looking somewhat like a cheap watermelon in the shiny pink gown and green shoes. The fit of the dress did absolutely nothing for her figure, and the neckline was seriously WRONG. Ms. Washington isn’t the worst of the worst, but she definitely down there with them.

Dakota Johnson was the star in 50 Shades of Grey. I know she’s famous for doing this film that was based on sex, but her look was definitely not appropriate for the Met Gala. The Chanel mini cocktail dress is not I repeat is NOT a dress that you wear on the red carpet at the Met Gala. Someone please get this girl some clothes!

I’m not familiar with Chloe Graze-Mortez, but I do know she probably didn’t belong at the Met Gala especially in that outfit. This look isn’t special. I’m not sure who she is, and I’m not sure why she’s there, and I couldn’t be any more done with that which is why she is my worst dressed for the Met Gala.


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