Empire Season 2 Details Released, 6 Additional Episodes Added to Season Two

Empire Wednesday’s just have not been the same since season one of the highly successful series wrapped up months ago. But do not get too thirsty because some details regarding season two of FOX‘s Empire have now been released.

Cookie Episode 10

FOX chairman and CEO Gary Newman announced Empire’s second season has been upgraded to 18 episodes instead of the 12 the first season had, which means six extra weeks have been added onto the Chicago-filmed series.

The show is now the highest growing show on television to have ever existed and the first show to present an increasing trend of viewers across America.

You can expect to find the show in it’s original slot on Wednesday nights. “We’d be crazy to move it.” Newman told reporters. “We want to thank and reward our fans by keeping it in that time period.”

If you are one of the very minuscule group of people who did not tune in to watch season one and would like to catch up ahead of season two’s arrival, FOX has no plans on reairing the show, you can watch via Hulu.

Season two is expected to continue with Luscious Lyon, played by Terrence Howard, behind bars and with the Empire in Jamal’s possession, played by Jussie Smollett.

Whatever happens, we can be sure it will be electrifying. Newman confirmed that to the media, “The stories we have heard already for season two will blow away the audience.”

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