Erykah Badu’s Personality Triumphs The 2015 Taste of Chicago // brought to you by the Illinois Lottery [CONCERT REVIEW]

Wanna see a musical performance chock-full of an energizing personality with such a powerful presence. DSC02146 Erykah Badu did just that as she headlined the 2015 Taste of Chicago‘s Petrillo Music Shell on July 9th, 2015 brought to you by the Illinois Lottery’s Anything’s Possible Series. (Video highlights at the bottom of the page) DSC02097Now although this sold out concert was not the strongest vocally, that was absolutely fine. Badu brought the badness to the stage with her tranquil mindset and soulful music which made this night a memorable one. Erykah has not released an album in five years so of course she sang her mega-hit classics, “Love of My Life” “Tyrone” “Window Seat” “On & On” were among the many. Throughout the entirety of her setlist the Chicago crowd remained on their feet. Of course the songs were executed perfectly, however what stood out from other concerts is some of the ‘in-between song banter’. Halfway through her set, (approximately 8:30p.m.) Badu joked and said, “Goodnight Chicago! It’s getting dark, too many ni$%&as in one place.” As shocked as I was that she said that, it was obvious she was joking and the crowd got a kick out of it as well. Another honorable mention in what Erykah told the crowd how she was escorted to the venue by the police not knowing what was going to happen once she got out the car and that it was the one time the police has been handy.DSC02139 Erykah’s strong-bodied opinions were not held back at all, and I really don’t think she was holding back in the fashion department either. Erykah draped hair down to the floor in addition to a head wrap and a hat. On the shoulders we had a feather material… just take a look (right). A huge thank you to the Illinois Lottery for providing VIP treatment. Throughout my stay, we were not only recognized by friendly staff, but also provided food and beverage in a tented VIP area. For more information on #mywinningstory from the #illinoislottery check out:


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