[CONCERT REVIEW & VIDEO] Ariana Grande SLAYS Honeymoon Tour at Chicago’s United Center

It’s been a while since Ariana Grande’s last visit to Chicago. March 3rd, 2015 marks the last time she was here performing at the Allstate Arena.

Not only did Ariana almost double her crowd by performing instead at the United Center, but also doubled her electricity showcasing her incredible vocals.

The show itself (dance choreography, setlist, etc.) did not change much, it was more how Ariana sang that made the difference from her last concert to this one. One noticeable difference was her DJ hype man was much calmer this concert. I stated in my last review her hype man seemed unnecessary due to the fact that AG’s music is already on a hype level.

Despite donut-gate, the last thing you can do is say Ariana can’t sing. This young lady is the next big thing, her smooth vocals projected throughout the crowd full of fans ranging from ages 10-25, there were even a few grown women dancing in the crowd, lol I saw y’all!

Although United Center staff stated to me that the show was sold out, fans have a different side of the story. The 300 level was curtained off throughout the whole arena. It appeared as if there were only 6 rows in the upper deck seating area, when in fact there are about 16-18 rows up there.  Not sure if it was due to low ticket sales, or was planned to be that way from the get go. Nonetheless, every single person who attended the show witnessed a vocal spectacular.

Ariana does not interact with her audience as much as she should, I was lucky enough to be in the lucky spot during ‘Honeymoon Avenue’ one of the few songs she reached out to her stadium audience.

Earlier in the day Ariana made a promotional visit to the Ulta store in the Roosevelt Collection in the South Loop of Chicago promoting her new fragrance where a few eager fans were lucky enough to receive a selfie with the popstar herself.



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