Steve Harvey Announces Wrong Winner For Miss UNIVERSE 2015

Somebody’s getting fired! I just don’t know if Steve Harvey made the mistake or if the pageant coordinators messed up.

What happened was Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner of the Miss Universe 2015 Pageant in Las Vegas on Dec. 20. To his surprise he had been told by pageant officials what he had announced was wrong.

This was the awkwardest of the awkwardness, “Miss Universe 2015 is… Miss Columbia!”

Watch the video for yourself.

Then… this happened.

So the winner turned out to be Miss Philippines instead of Miss Columbia.

Steve Harvey accepted full responsibility… but was it really his fault? He was willing to show what was on his card which proved he did what his job was to do. Reading a card.

How devastating of a situation that was handled classy as hurtful as that moment could be.

I’m sure we will get some kind of comment on this matter and as soon as we do, I’ll have an update for ya!

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