Rihanna shows out for Anti World Tour [CONCERT REVIEW]

Rihanna completely took over Chicago Friday night for a sold out show at the United Center while on the Anti World Tour on Friday, April 15, 2016.

Not a lot of 28 year olds are in her position. A-list celebrity status, worldwide fame, a self titled documentary is currently in the works, and fourteen #1 hit singles, many of which were performed throughout the night.

Opening the show with ‘Stay’ entering from the back of the arena on top of a pop up stage that appeared over the sound pit as the concert started making her way on a moving platform bringing her to the main stage as she transported over fans singing her ass off.

With how many songs Rihanna has in her discography, it is almost common sense that she would not be able to fit everything in one concert. She performed the songs we all know and love by her such as ‘Umbrella’, ‘Birthday Cake’, ‘Pour It Up’, and ‘Where Have You Been’. Even though it wasn’t the full song being performed as they came out back to back to back, the verse or two was enough to fulfill fans desires.

Rihanna’s album ‘Anti’ may not have been fan’s favorite out of all eight of Rihanna’s official albums, but that did not stop her from performing eight of her new songs from the album. Songs like ‘Needed Me’, ‘Kiss It Better’, ‘Desperado’ had no problem getting the crowd hype singing and dancing along, but for a few of the other songs, it wasn’t quite the same reaction. Yes, many people knew almost every word, but it just was not the same.

The Anti World Tour did not fail when it came to vocals. At all. This was one of her best tours vocally without a doubt. However I can’t lie and say I wasn’t slightly disappointed with Rihanna’s lack of dancing positioning herself in the center of the stage for the majority of the show while her dancers did most of the work. When it came to the dance moves, Rih clearly wasn’t giving her all but that didn’t affect the mood at the United Center. There was not one moment where you could sit down at all. 

Compared to the ‘Diamonds World Tour’ (Rihanna’s previous tour before the Anti World Tour) Rihanna was all over the place with her dancers, her vocals weren’t quite the same, but she was more physical with her performance. Despite this, the concert was full of a care-free energy that only Rihanna could put into the air.

Surprisingly, Rihanna’s outfits were not as revealing as we are used to from her and frankly she did not need any of that. We barely got any outfit changes during the hour and a half long show.

Rig’s vocals alone are at the strongest they have been and you can only notice her growth in the music world and can only applaud the spot that Rihanna has earned in the entertainment community. There would not be a doubt in my mind when it comes to returning to Rihanna’s next show in Chicago.


Photo’s from the night below.


Rihanna’s Full Set List from her Chicago stop of the Anti World Tour.

  1. Stay
  2. Love the Way You Lie (Part II)
  3. Woo
  4. Sex With Me
  5. Birthday Cake
  6. Pour It Up
  7. Numb
  8. B**** Better Have My Money
  9. Goodnight Gotham (Interlude)
  10. Consideration
  11. Live Your Life (T.I. cover)
  12. Run This Town (Jay Z cover)
  13. All of the Lights (Kanye West cover)
  14. Umbrella
  15. Desperado
  16. Man Down
  17. Rude Boy
  18. Work
  19. Take Care (Drake cover)
  20. We Found Love
  21. Where Have You Been
  22. Needed Me
  23. Same Ol’ Mistakes (Tame Impala cover)
  24. Diamonds
  25. FourFiveSeconds
  26. Love on the Brain
  27. Kiss It

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