Chris Brown Tour Manager Quits; Fears Safety from Drugged Up Chris Brown

Something strange is up with Chris Brown. Just days after his manager Mike G sued him for assault, now another manager is claiming that Chris’ threats caused her to quit due to fear for her safety.

The incident happened on May 23 during Brown’s European tour when Nancy Ghosh says Brown cursed her out in a dispute over her employment terms. She then quit right there on the spot and left the tour bus immediately. Ghosh has worked with talents such as J. Lo, Justin Bieber, even Kanye West.chris-brown-addresses-his-split-from-publicist-manager-16

According to TMZ, they say the day after everything took place she sent out an email to the entire staff team saying she was not safe because Chris was ‘irrational and high on drugs.’ She even goes as far as claiming Brown reference what he did to Mike G and placed the same threats to her.

Unrelated the this instance, last night a video surfaced of Chris grabbing a female fan’s phone who was recording him in a VIP area of a club and threw the phone behind him while then having her escorted out of the VIP area.

chris-brown-addresses-his-split-from-publicist-manager-19The sad part about this story is that none of this is surprising at all. Something is wrong with Chris yet again, hopefully he can get some help. He is getting skinnier by the second to the point where it almost looks like he is contouring his skin…


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