Inside Barack Obama’s Celeb-Packed Birthday Bash at the White House

President Barack Obama rang in his 55th birthday Thursday and had the White House completely packed filled with some of the biggest A-lister names on Friday night.

No guest list was released prior to the event and you already know this event was top secret, no social media post were really posted by any of the celebs in attendance.

Page Six reported First Lady Michelle Obama threw the party for her husband for his last birthday in office. According to a Page Six source they say, “All the preparations and the guest list are being kept top-secret. The plan is to throw a party for the president to really let his hair down. There will be performances and a dance party that will go late into the night. Social media will be banned.”

Performers who were rumored to be at the birthday bash include Usher, Kendrick Lamar, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, and Jennifer Hudson. No word if Beyoncé or Jay Z were in attendance, but with how secret they already are, you can almost assume the power couple showed up especially being friends with the First Family.

Some celebrities got caught up entering the White House by fans with there camera’s waiting. Sarah Jessica Parker, George Lucas, Ellen DeGeneres, and Grant Hill.

Former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton made an appearance at the party as well.

Oh, and if you were wondering who took the check for the event, the White House says it will be paid for by the Obama family’s personal funds.

Take a look at some of the photos that actually made it to the internet from the top-secret birthday bash.



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