Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder EJECTS Fan from Chicago Wrigley Field Show

Wrigley Field doesn’t have the nickname ‘The Friendly Confines‘ for just any reason and Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder was making sure he maintained a friendly vibe during a mishap during his Monday concert on Chicago’s Northside.

A video surfaced on YouTube shows Vedder, 51, yelling into the crowd to his right side after he noticed a domestic violence situation unfolding between a male and a female, “Hey, hey, mister! Hey, get your finger out of that woman’s face!”

The concert, which was held at Wrigley Field, is not too far from home from the Pearl Jam star. He is originally from Evanston, Illinois, less than 30 minutes away from Chicago.

The crowd immediately cheered on, praising the star for his actions as the man was ejected for his conduct.

With the concert still on hold, Vedder then asks the woman involved in the situation, ‘Hey ma’am you’re okay, yeah, you’re good? Alright, good.’

Fans from the show are also saying that Vedder stated later during the show that the ejected fan reminded him of the infamous Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman foul ball situation but then noted that he sends his love to Steve Bartman and that the ejected male fan was worse.

The show remained a great time for fans, Chicago Bulls great and NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman even showed up on stage for some fun.


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