Tyra Banks is now ‘Professor Banks’ to You, Becomes Professor at Stanford

Tyra Banks‘ soaring career has only gotten better. Now Tyra, 42, is the newest celebrity professor as she joins the staff at the prestigious Stanford University.

Just when modeling, acting, business owning, writing, hosting, and yes, even singing wasn’t enough, now Banks will be co-teaching a 2-credit MBA course named, “Project You: Building & Extending Your Personal Brand”.

Endometriosis Foundation Of America's 4th Annual Blossom Ball - Inside

The course will be taught alongside Allison Kluger, a professor at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

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The course is listed on Stanford’s course catalog. You can find the course beginning in the Spring semester next to Tyra Banks: Supermodel/Entrepreneur/Television Executive/Business CEO. (All she needs next is Queen basically. How she finds time for all this, I have no idea… Don’t forget Banks just recently became a mother also!)

Stanford is saying the course will help students create their own specific image to support their brand, teach them how to navigate on-air exposure, and help them create a long-term strategy for how to promote their personal brand across several media platforms.

Who better than Tyra Banks, a girl from Inglewood, CA, who grew herself into the major successful icon to teach others how to promote themselves as a brand. I believe Stanford made the perfect choice going with QUEEN Tyra Banks.

[Photo’s from Getty Images]

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