Usher New Album ‘Hard II Love’ Artwork Released

Usher‘s new album is now available for preorder after multiple delays and changes, and is slated for a September 16, 2016 release.

The album, which was originally titled ‘Flawed’ (coincidence?) and then changed to ‘Hard II Love’, contains 15 songs, 4 of those are available today.usher-hard-2-love

Usher’s music is nowhere near what we are used to from him, and I always get a few songs that I can kind of jam to, but my expectations are extremely low for this one. Today’s Usher is solely club music and not the music that gave you true feeling on the inside and told a story. Now it seems that it is just all about the beat.

I mean, even look at the artwork. Whats going to crumble faster, this statue or Usher’s career?

I’ll give him another chance, let’s not forget Usher’s career is packed full of hits, so he’s not just out of it yet…

Preorder your copy of Hard II Love on iTunes today for its September 16th release.


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