Meryl Streep takes shots at Donald Trump in Golden Globe Acceptance Speech; Trump responds

Who would have thought people are still throwing shade at each other in their late 60’s and early 70’s?

The Queen of the big screen Meryl Streep took her time during her Golden Globe acceptance speech to call out the President-elect Donald Trump, even with a hoarse voice.

While accepting her ninth Golden Globe award, the Cecil B. Demille Award, the 67 year old actress mentioned one performance this year that wasn’t one of her more gratifying moments of the year: Trump’s run for presidency.

She specially pin-pointed the infamous moment when Trump mocked a disabled reporter while on stage running for what Streep calls the most respected seat in America.

“It kind of broke my heart when I saw it, and I still can’t get it out of my head,” Streep told a dead silent crowd in the Beverly Hilton Hotel calling out Trump for being a bully who disrespected and humiliated others.

The moment immediately had the internet in a frenzy immediately becoming a trending topic worldwide on Twitter.

Trump, was presidential and did not comment on the matter.  Trump was on Twitter soon enough calling Meryl Streep ‘overrated’ and even denied mocking the reporter although the moment was televised throughout election season.

Oh boy aren’t we in for an interesting next four years…. 

I’ll leave you with this last quote also from Meryl’s speech, “When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”


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