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Beyoncé Announces Pregnancy With Twins (PHOTOSHOOT PICS INSIDE)

WORLD STOP! Beyoncé is pregnant with twins… Carry on…

Beyoncé broke the internet yesterday after dropping an album the news of her pregnancy with twins with husband Jay Z. Social media everywhere blew up immediately, CNN halted television programming classifying the news as “Breaking News”, and even making the cover of the New York Times (photo right)! c3o0cw_weaajond

Although the gender has not been announced, what we can take from the picture is that Bey is well into her pregnancy, possibly at 3-4 months.

The Queen is expecting to headline Coachella in April, and Bey will be even bigger than this! Representatives of the festival have reached out to media and are allegedly saying that this is news to them as well – Beyoncé is good at keeping secrets, we know this!

Thursday morning, a photoshoot was released onto Beyonce.com, and it appears Bey has been working on a photoshoot in the previous weeks/days/who knows? She even went underwater for the dramatic scenes she created.

Here’s the pictures, give one a click if you want to enlarge and start a slideshow.

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