‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Kicked Off Plane After Fight [VIDEO]


She’s back!

Not even a week after threatening to fight members of the papparazzi, 13 year old Danielle Bregoli (the cash me ousside girl), has now gotten into another physical altercation; this time on a plane.

TMZ obtained the video, during the boarding process Bregoli’s mom was in the aisle of a Spirit Airlines plane placing her carry on luggage in an overhead bin when a seated passenger had to use the restroom and could not wait. The two began the altercation after Bregoli’s mother told the woman she needed to wait until she was done with her luggage.

The situation escalated, and after many curse words and hands in faces, Bregoli even telling the woman her coined phrase, “Cash me ousside! How bow dat!”

All three people including Bregoli were escorted off the plane and placed on a lifetime ban list from Spirit Airlines.

Here’s the video, I got two angles of this mess right here.



Oh how I never get tired of writing about her.

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