First Look: Trey Songz Dating Show ‘Tremaine the Playboy’ [VIDEO]

Trey Songz must not be selling enough of his music or concert tickets.

It appears Trey Songz account balance is low, he is becoming Tremain The Playboy for his new dating show webseries produced by VH1.

The show will begin with 17 contestants and will be hosted by Steelo Brim *yawn* and Draya Michelle *double yawn*.

The only downslide, and this is a major one if you ask me, is that it will not be aired on television, you’ll have to watch full episodes on I thought Trey Songz would be a big enough name for television, but obviously production thinks otherwise.

VH1 is introducing you to the newest bachelor, Tremaine The Playboy. Hosted by Draya Michele and Steelo Brim, “Tremaine the Playboy” features Trey Songz as Tremaine, the latest eligible bachelor on a conquest to find his perfect match. The international entertainer and well-known heartthrob has given fans timeless music ranging from love to heartache, party anthems to bedroom classics, and now he is looking to settle down. Following the first-look on VH1 digital platforms, head to for more information and watch #14DaysOfLove on VH1.”

-Official statement released by VH1.

Here’s your preview if you’re still interested:

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