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George and Amal Clooney Are Expecting Twins!

George and Amal Clooney are the newest celebrity couple expecting twins after two and a half years of marriage.

2017 has recently grown into the year of celebrity twins. First Beyoncé and Jay Z, then Madonna, now George and Amal have announced they are expecting twins as well.

The Clooney’s are particulary private about their personal lives, however this morning Julie Chen was given the green light to announce the news on the The Talk, a CBS morning show.

“Congratulations are in order for George and Amal Clooney,” Chen announced, “The Talk has confirmed that the 55-year old superstar and his highly accomplished 39-year old attorney wife are expecting twins!”


George and Amal Clooney.

Shortly after the official announcement actor Matt Damon spilled his tea during an Entertainment Tonight Canada interview. The actor has been friends with George for a long time, and even co-star together on the series Ocean’s and has known about the pregnancy for a while now.




“I was working with him last fall and he pulled me aside on set and I mean, I almost started crying. I was so happy for him. And I was like, ‘how far along is she?’ And he goes, ‘eight weeks.’ “Are you out of your mind?! Don’t tell anybody else! Don’t tell anybody else. Don’t you know the 12-week rule’ Like of course he doesn’t I was like, ‘just shut up man!’ And then four weeks later I’m like, ‘we’re good right?’ ‘We’re good”

– Matt Damon to Entertainment Tonight on his conversation with George Clooney.

This will be the couple’s first children and Damon says he has no doubt the two will be nothing but awesome parents.

Damon continued throughout the interview to give nothing but praise to the couple, “I’m thrilled for him. She’s amazing. He hit the jackpot. Just on every level. She is a remarkable woman. They’re gonna be great. They’re gonna be awesome parents. Those kids are lucky!”

The Talk exclusively announced that the twins are due this June.

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