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Watch Adele’s Grammy Performance; See What Went Wrong With The George Michael Tribute

It’s not always the most professional option, but props to Adele for making sure she gave George Michael the proper tribute that he deserves.

Not even 10 seconds into her performance of Bowie’s 1996 hit ‘Fastlove’ during the 59th Grammy Awards, Adele instantly ordered to start over the performance after also swearing on live TV. She apologized while accepting an award later in the ceremony.

Michaels passed away on Christmas Day last year, and Adele was open to share that she had a huge spot in her heart for the late singer.

“Can we please start over, I’m sorry, I can’t mess this up for him, I can’t,” Adele nervously explained to a crowd of the biggest names in the industry.

Production was well aware that Adele was very nervous about the tribute, well understood.

“I was devastated by that, and my rehearsal — I did have a shaky rehearsal today,” Adele said in a post Grammy press conference.  “But I have been working very hard on this tribute for him, every day.”

After restarting the song, Adele had no problem perfecting her performance with a beautiful rendition of the late George Michael’s song.

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